New F.O and Layout -- and Time for a Roll Call [01 Aug 2005|09:29pm]
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{ 友達だだけど } -- Friends Only

[x] Comment to be added, DO NOT JUST ADD ME.
[x] Do not think lowly of me - i dont appreciate it
[x] Do not start things on my Journal that hurts me or others
[x] I am random -- deal
[x] DOn'T tYpE like .. oMfG I cant stand it
[x] Comment and Post everytime you can. I understand if its harder for you though
[x] Do not add me to increase your ego (or your friendslist)
[x] Do not advertise-- i repeat: I dont like

{Im not sure who reads and who doesnt, and i'm going to make a concious effort lately to comment to people, get to know more people -- which means YOU!. So let's be better friends, ne?
14 times you will never silence my soul


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